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Welcome to Securinfo.

Founded in 1994, Securinfo Limited is an innovative software development company with a high level of competence and experience in enhancing the business value of security through intelligent automated solutions. We resolve the security and risk challenges faced by SAP customers regarding the huge amounts of diversified data generated by their ERP systems.

Managed by former audit professionals, Securinfo pioneered the methodology of Information Ownership and uses this to empower Business Process Owners to assume ownership of and take responsibility for the data generated by the business processes in their custody. SECURINFO for SAP delivers the only properly controlled and completely integrated solution for cross-enterprise Security, Risk and Identity Management.

Customer Challenge: Most SAP customers experience significant challenges when trying to manage and mitigate the risks in their existing security solutions. Our experience is that those customers who attempt to address this by amending or changing their existing roles never really manage to resolve their problems and usually end up facing repetitive and expensive rework and perpetuated compliance challenges.

Solution: Your security design should entrench the controls that are necessary to protect the underlying security information at the outset. Only when you do this will you be in a position to prevent unnecessary risks and ensure that your solution is not compromised as the organization evolves over time.

A strong foundation, such as that imposed by Securinfo’s Information Ownership methodology, will automatically remove 80% of the risks at the outset and will enable you to manage those that remain in a logical and efficient manner.

Securinfo’s Message: Our message is that you should seriously consider re-designing your security if you want to properly and efficiently manage identity and risk on an ongoing basis.

RapidRoles: We help our customers achieve significant advantages while developing their new robust quality solution. Securinfo’s RapidRoles delivers a knowledge base of role templates that have been built from experience accumulated over years of building quality solutions at diversified global customers. These template roles are customized into your landscape using revolutionary technology that can automatically re-design and very quickly re-engineer a brand new security solution in only a small fraction of the time that would be taken using any alternative method. RapidRoles enables a totally new business-owned solution to be implemented in weeks - without disrupting the organization!

RoadMap: We help our customers get on the right track and stay there from the outset. SECURINFO for SAP implementations follow a standard Best Business Practice methodology. This is presented in our ROADMAP, which describes each phase of a typical project and each task that must be performed and indicates the role of the SECURINFO and customer resources who would either perform or be consulted with respect to the information required to complete each task. The ROADMAP is supported by detailed Online Help in SECURINFO for SAP.

Integrated Solution: When you have implemented SECURINFO for SAP, our inherent controls will release your Security Administrators from the mind-numbing complexity of having to make judgemental decisions regarding enormously complex and technical data in the ongoing maintenance environment (ie. making decisions that rightfully belong with the business!). Intelligent automation accelerates administrative tasks and enables Security Administrators to effectively oversee and control access rights across the entire enterprise.

Business Intelligence and Corporate Governance: You can accelerate your compliance endeavours and obtain multiple ancillary benefits if you adopt Information Ownership (the basis of the SECURINFO for SAP methodology). Mandated by the Information Security Standard ISO 17799, Information Ownership facilitates learning and knowledge transfer and removes the “Black Box” mystique that surrounds SAP security. Improved understanding and transparent communication will provide your Business Process Owners, Risk Advisors, Auditors and other interested parties with Business Intelligence and Control over Identity & Risk Management thus enabling improved Corporate Governance.

Find out more about how Securinfo is empowering business to improve control and simultaneously improve efficiency in the utilization of information. Order your free demo now.
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